Update on Threat from Dolan Fire

Update on Threat from Dolan Fire

The threat to the Mission from the Dolan Fire (began on Aug. 18, 2020) is very real but maximum effort is being put into securing the safety of Mission San Antonio.

The Fort Hunter Liggett Fire Dept. and CAL Fire representatives both came to speak with us and to inspect the defensibility of the Mission church and facilities. They both determined that we had done a great job of clearing the area around the Mission to make it highly defensible. They decided to cut fire breaks to increase the safety factor. Army Engineers from the 102nd TASS Training Center provided the dozers and operators to reinforce the fire breaks both around the Mission and at the cantonment perimeter.

Fort Hunter Liggett has been conducting back burns to further increase the buffer between the active fire and the Mission and FHL cantonment area.

Morning update for September 11, 2020 6:30 a.m. -      

Because of rapid fire growth earlier in the week, evacuation warnings and orders have been changing frequently and may continue to do so. 

Two of the three firefighters hospitalized after a burn-over on September 8th were released on the 9th. The third is in stable condition and is able to talk with friends and family. An accident investigation is currently being conducted.

Since much of the fire activity has shifted east and southeast, the incident command post will be re-locating to King City, CA, over the next several days. This will reduce travel and put support personnel closer to firefighters on the line.

On the nights of September 6-7 and 7-8, high temperatures, very dry fuels and wind combined to cause a more than tripling in the size of the fire. It is now over 111,000 acres and has spread south of the Nacimiento-Ferguson Road, and onto US Army property at Fort Hunter Liggitt.

The fire activity along the coast has lessened but there are still areas of active burning, and rocks and other debris continue to fall regularly onto US Highway 1, which remains closed from Gorda to three miles north of Slate Hot springs. For information about state highway closures go to https://roads.dot.ca.gov/.

Please pray for the Mission's safety, for the safety of FHL's personnel and the entire extended Community and for the brave firefighters who are fighting the many horrific wildfires around California.