Rosario The Mission Cat


Rosario's Story

Holy cow!  No – it’s Holy Cat!

Mission San Antonio’s most famous resident since Fray Junipero Serra...our cat...Rosario.

In June 2007 a little black kitten came to experience the Mission’s Annual Fiesta. What happened next could be called extraordinary, and if you believe in them...a miracle. Come hear his story and decide for yourself. God has used this cat to touch the hearts of numerous visitors and guests.

Rosario was married to Spirit and enjoyed communicating with his friends via his Facebook page.  He has his own wine – Rosario’s Red – available at Marin’s Vineyard's tasting room in Lockwood and on-line @ All proceeds from these sales directly benefits the Mission Retrofit/Restoration project.

In Memory of Rosario

 June 2007 – September 20, 2017 

God reaches out to us daily in so many varied ways . . . the burst of sunlight that begins the day, the gentle breeze that carries with it a hint of rain, the warmth of the summer sun, the warm rush of the afternoon winds, the breath-taking array of colors vibrantly painting the sun setting over the foaming waves of the turbulent ocean, to the stars that twinkle above us, scattered across the dark night sky . . . reminders that God is always with us. 


He reaches to us with the newborn’s cries, the small hand of a child reaching up to hold our hand, the hand of our life-long help-mate as they join with us on life’s journey. God reaches out to us through the hands of those in need, and blesses others with the help our that our outstretched hands can bring to others. He links our hands and our hearts as we journey together through life.

 God doesn’t stop there. He also speaks to us through the animals that he allows into our lives. He teaches us through them about acceptance, living-in-the-present-moment, forgiveness, unbridled joy and unconditional love. We love them while we have them, mourn them when we lose them and always remember them fondly. 

Rosario, one of our Mission cats, has been a wonderful ambassador for our Mission and for God’s unconditional love for the past ten years. Beginning with the miracle from which he was named, to the many lives he touched and allowed God to love through him, Rosario left a loving legacy. 

 After fighting valiantly for the past two months against a toxin in his body, Rosario went on to the fields of heaven, where all good pets go. Whether he is sitting on Mother Mary’s lap, playing with the little children or conversing with St. Francis, I’m sure that when we reach the end of our journey, Rosario will be there, awaiting our arrival under the old olive tree at the pearly gates. He will be waiting to welcome us home.  

If you get a moment today, please stop, sit a moment in the Padre’s Garden, and allow Rosario’s wife, Spirit, to approach you. Spend a few quiet moments with her, she’s shy but friendly. She misses Rosario too. 

                      Thank you, Father God, for the loving gift of Rosario. Amen. 

Joan Steele, Mission Administrator